Discussion on the development based on digital government guidelines

(September 8, 2020) Mr. Kriangyos Sudlabha, Deputy Governor of Bangkok, chaired the 1st  Organization Site Visit Meeting in the year 2020 and observed the work operation and system of the BMA Data Center at 7th floor, Thani Noppharat Building, Bangkok City Hall II, Din Daeng District.  

The first  2020 Organization Site Visit Meeting is the beginning of discussion and consultation with BMA organizations in order to apply the Royal Thai Government’s policy on information technology to suit the works of BMA organizations so that the BMA services are the best services that can respond to the need of the public.

In this regard, four targets for digital technology development include: 1. Develop  basic digital infrastructure to be the BMA Service Platform; 2. Develop capacity of BMA officers to be Smart Officers; 3. Develop “e-Service” which is a public service system to be “Self Service”; and 4. Develop internal management and administration system to be Smart BMA. The development of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration in accordance with Thailand’s digital government development guidelines needs integration with cooperation and understanding of all agencies within the organization in order to have policy consistency for uniformity in development.