BMA mobilizes forces from every agency for Big Cleaning in 50 Districts, dust washing and pollution decreasing

Pol.Gen. Aswin Kwanmuang, Governor of Bangkok, welcomed Mr. Niphon Bunyamanee, Deputy Minister of Interior, on occasion of having area visit to boost officers’ morale and spirit as well as to give policies on operation of area cleaning to alleviate the PM2.5 problem in Bangkok area at Victory Monument, Ratchathewi District.

The Governor of Bangkok said that PM2.5 problem is one of the significant challenges faced by Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) and other global cities. It has an unavoidable effect on the public in various aspects – healthy condition, environment and economy. The BMA, in this regard, realizes the hazard resulted from the dust particles which exceeded safety standards. Thus, the number of measures has been implemented to alleviate the problems.

The Big Cleaning Activity aims to improve and clean the areas in order to reduce dust accumulation. This event is the kick-off for the operation at the same time all over Bangkok. The 5 activity-released points in Bangkok are as follows: 1. Dindaeng District – the Deputy Minister of Interior presided over the opening of the event at Dindaeng traffic island to clean roads along all 4 traffic islands of Victory Monument area; 2. Thonburi District – Pol.Lt.Gen. Sopon Pisuttiwong, Deputy Governor of Bangkok, presided over the event at King Taksin Memorial Monument (Wongwian Yai) to clean areas along Intharaphithak Road; 3. Bang Khun Thian District – the activity-released point was at Holland Brewery near Central Plaza Rama 2; 4. Thawi Watthana District – the activity-released point was at Sanam Luang 2 Market’s entrance and Liap Khlong Thawi Watthana Road; and 5. Nong Khaem District – the activity-released point was at Nong Khaem District Office to clean Soi Phet Kasem 81 Road.

On the same date and time, Mrs. Wantanee Wattana, Deputy Permanent Secretary for the BMA, participated in the Big Cleaning Activity in Lak Si District area. Meanwhile, all 50 District Offices also organized the said activity in their responsible areas. From now on, the BMA will integrate cooperation with the Ministry of Interior in operating joint activities continuously and regularly. This includes analysis of hourly dust situation in order to prepare for tackling and solving problems until the situation become better.

For measure of water spraying, the BMA has continuously operated the following 4 methods: spraying water on trees to rinse the PM2.5 dust coating on tree leaves so that they can entrap new dust afterwards; using high-pressure water hose to clean PM10 dust on the roads into the drain to prevent dust from dispersing into the air; spraying water in the areas of construction to reduce dispersion of PM10 and to prevent it from turning into PM2.5; and spraying water around tall buildings to lessen the amount of dust nearby the buildings, and in another way, to prevent diffusion of PM2.5 that probably impact people living in the buildings.