Lumpini Park, a Great-Grand Parent of Siam

Limpini Park is a large-sized public park located at the heart of Bangkok covering the area of 300 rai. It
is regarded as Thailand’s first public park that has lasted since the reign of King Rama VI. Comparing to human life stages, this park is probably at the stage of senior adult who has had a lot of descendants and has been through thick and thin for many years. Many people, at a minimum of 10,000 visitors each day, has come to visit our Great-Grand Parent with different purposes. Some people come for taking a walk, doing exercises, organizing various events such as Red Cross fair, Songkran festive event, walk rally and marathon activity, and so on.

Lumpini Park is not only a large and multi-purposed public park, but this extensive green space is also the place where a number of recreation centers, associations and clubs are located. It has unique shady atmosphere with big, old and long-standing trees scattering all over the park with large-scale pond and vast green areas amongst the high-rise buildings of modern urban society.

In the next 5 years, the year 2025 will mark the 100th anniversary of Lumpini Park. The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) plans to implement a significant makeover to transform the park to be a colossal green area that supports urban lifestyles in the modern era. Initially, the regeneration plan is divided into three phases: the first phase is that all infrastructures and public utilities systems in the park will be renovated such as the works to improve pipelines and underground drainage system, wastewater management, lighting system, pavement and running tracks and renovate buildings in the park. For the second phase, area development will be conducted to make the park a learning space. Lastly, in the third phase, unused areas will be developed to the utmost benefits for the public. This receives positive cooperation from landscape architectures to jointly propose the development concepts and transformation designs. Nevertheless, survey of public opinions from service users and private sectors nearby will be conducted in order that all stakeholders can participate in this mission.