BMA speeds up active case finding for COVID-19 among risk groups in factory and market continuously

Pol.Lt.Gen. Sopon Pisuttiwong, Deputy Governor of Bangkok, as the Director of the BMA’s Center for COVID-19 Situation Administration (BMA-CCSA), presided over the meeting of BMA-CCSA, no.10/2021. Executives of Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA), BMA spokespersons, as well as representatives from BMA departments, Metropolitan Police Headquarters and Bangkok Internal Security Operations Command, district zones, and related agencies under the BMA participated in the meeting at Rattanakosin Room, Bangkok City Hall (Sao Chingcha), Phra Nakhon District.

Pol.Capt. Pongsakorn Kwanmuang, BMA Spokesman, revealed that, according to the meeting to follow up the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) epidemic situation in Bangkok held today (January 14, 2021), 14 new confirmed cases are detected. Key factor contributed to the declining number of patients is the BMA Announcement on the Order of Temporary Closure of Premises No. 14 dated December 29, 2020; No. 15 dated January 3, 2021; and No. 16 dated January 5, 2021. Previously, the number of cases had increased because many people traveled to risk areas or entertainment venues. At present, the BMA can control the outbreak situation. The BMA also conducted active case findings of more than 10,000 samples using nasopharyngeal swabs and saliva testing. From now on, the BMA will continuously speed up active case finding for COVID-19 cases as much as possible.

The BMA Spokesman also mentioned the COVID-19 vaccines which will be given to Thai people that Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha clearly reiterated that all Thais would be vaccinated to prevent Covid-19. The first in line will be healthcare and medical personnel according to the disease control guidelines as they are working closely with patients. Regarding side effects from the vaccines, medical professionals are working together to determine which vaccines to be used. Regarding the procuring of the vaccines, if the Royal Thai Government cannot allocate budget for purchasing COVID-19 vaccines, the BMA is ready to allocate its budget for the people of Bangkok. However, at present, all countries around the world are in need of vaccines while total manufacturing capacity is limited. Therefore, it takes time to order a purchase for COVID-19 vaccines. Therefore, Ministry of Public Health as well as the BMA Health Department and Medical Services Department have discussed on how to import good and effective COVID-19 vaccines to vaccinate all Thai people as soon as possible.