How much is your risk of getting COVID-19? Check with BKK COVID-19.

Worry of being infected or not infected with COVID-19? Use “BKK COVID-19” of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) for self-assessment.

Don’t let your worries become anxiety, try “BKK COVID-19” of the BMA.
Check COVID-19 risk by yourself for free!!!

The new surge of COVID-19 comes closer than expected: is it risky to visit shops, use vehicles, or take a flight? How can BKK COVID-19 system help?

Let’s learn more about problem-solving procedures of BKK COVID-19 system. Just fill in true information with 3 simple assessment steps:
Risk history assessment
Temperature and fever history assessment
Respiratory symptoms assessment

The system will give knowledge and advice on how to behave for both low-risk and high-risk persons. The BMA officers will contact users to give suggestion, thoroughly ask about symptoms, and provide suitable assistance.

For those with “high risk”, ambulance will be sent to pick them up at home as soon as possible to have free medical examination and treatment!!

COVID-19 self-check system: “BKK COVID-19”, free of charge in every step, just visit

The most important thing is to provide true information. It is pivotal to the screening of COVID-19 infected persons. Giving false information may increase the risk for COVID-19 screening and disease can be spread to other people.

Fight COVID-19 together by staying at home, wearing face mask, practicing physical distancing, frequently washing hands, and following guidelines and recommendations. We will overcome this together again.