BMA calls for the public to be required to wear sanitary face masks

(January 21, 2021) Mrs. Silapasuai Rawisaengsun, Permanent Secretary for the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA), said that information from various sources reported that wearing sanitary face mask is the best and cheapest way to prevent the spread of COVID-19. At present, the people are increasingly and actively adopting the use of sanitary face masks in public settings or crowded places such as business establishments, shops, bus stops and pedestrian walkways. During the morning and evening rush hours when there is a large volume of commuters, 90 percent of people who need to travel to their workplace or back home wear sanitary face mask. However, during the day when it is not the rush hours, some people neglect the use of sanitary face mask. The percentage of people wearing sanitary face mask declines to 80 percent. In such case, the BMA emphasized all district offices, especially officers of City Law Enforcement Section, to frequently keep an eye on, inspect, give advice and remind some people who do not wear sanitary face mask or people wearing sanitary face mask incorrectly such as wearing face mask below the chin or leaving the mouth out for breathing.

Furthermore, the BMA asked the general public to keep an eye on, look after, give advice, or remind each other if people who do not wear sanitary face mask or wear sanitary face mask incorrectly are found. Reminding or advising should be done friendlily and politely to prevent possible conflict or dispute. If the spread of COVID-19 is growing, the BMA or other related organizations may need to add more strict and intensified disease prevention and control measures. This can lead to another round of temporarily closure of some premises, businesses, activities and people will experience social suffering in their everyday lives again.