Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day, or any festivals, Fire and Rescue Department is ready to take care of safety for the people of Bangkok

When fires or other disasters occurs, will the people living in Bangkok know that the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has an organization that takes care of these specific matters? Each individual officer passed training programs on emergency response and technical rescue in various different scenarios. This organization also possesses many types of advanced machinery, equipment, tools, vehicles, and information technology that are available for public services. In order that the BMA Fire and Rescue Department can provide assistance, rescue, and take care of public safety in good time, please call hotline 199.

At present, the BMA Fire and Rescue Department has 2,081 officers, 630 fire trucks and 6 fire boats stationed at fire and rescues stations in various areas of Bangkok. There are a total of 37 fire and rescue stations and 6 fire and rescue substations with 5 more newly-built stations. The 3 new fire and rescue stations that have already been opened for services are Donmueng Fire and Rescue Station, Chaloem Phra Kiat Fire and Rescue Station, and Phahon Yothin Fire and Rescue Station. Only 2 fire and rescue stations, Rom Klao Fire and Rescue Station and Rat Burana Fire and Rescue Station, which are under construction. Once complete, there will be 48 fire and rescue stations in total covering all area of Bangkok metropolis. The BMA aims at having at least 50 fire and rescue stations that is equal to the number of district offices (1 fire and rescue station per one district office).

At the moment, there are 2 marine fire and rescue stations and 3 more new stations are planned to be constructed. This is to increase efficiency and readiness in preventing any disasters and to ensure thoroughness, inclusiveness and equality according to the “NOW moving forward” policy of Pol.Gen. Aswin Kwanmuang, Governor of Bangkok.