BMA Vocational Training Schools’ curriculum to be adjusted, must be up-to-date and can truly make a living

Mr. Sakoltee Phattiyakul, Deputy Governor of Bangkok, chaired the meeting between Social Development Department and Chiefs of Community Development and Social Welfare Section from 50 district offices.

At the meeting, the implementation progress of projects based on the policies of Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) and the Royal Thai Government was reported, including the progress of the savings project. The BMA has been working with National Savings Fund (NSF) and Social Development Department to promote savings for retirement among the people of Bangkok. The BMA has publicized this project so that people start saving money and apply for membership of the National Savings Fund. In order to yield concrete result, the NSF will hold an activity to provide knowledge to people who attend vocational training courses at the BMA Vocational Training Schools. Most of them are from 11 training centers and 10 vocational training schools. The objectives are to provide knowledge about savings and to have people participate more in the project. The meeting also resolved to speed up the public relations activity targeting children, youths, and the BMA affiliated schools as it will bring about tangible result in the future.

Moreover, the meeting also urged all district offices to publicize “Rao Chana” Project by inviting people, business owners and entrepreneurs, small shops and service providers who are eligible for the project to participate in the project. Social Development Department was also assigned to adjust and improve the curriculum of the BMA Vocational Training Schools to be more up-to-date so that people can truly use knowledge gained from the schools to make a living. For example, the number of training courses will be increased such as Thai traditional massage course (as an interest in this course increases year by year), cookery courses and vocational training courses for people with disabilities so that they can work for a living and earn money for themselves and their families.