Lak Si District Office launches “online application for house number service” reducing risk of COVID-19

In the past 2 – 3 years, the growth rate of housing and buildings for living such as houses, buildings, commercial buildings, tenement houses, and condominiums, had been rising which was in line with the urban development and the change of land use, especially along the routes of rail mass rapid transit. Of course, when new houses and buildings are constructed, new house number must be requested, for the benefits of civil fundamental rights protection and prevention against the false claims for property rights and land ownership.

In this regard, to normally apply for new house number, the applicant must personally visit district office at least twice, namely, on the day for submitting application and on the day for receiving house registration book. The applicant must also make an appointment with the officers of the district office to visit and survey the actual location of houses and buildings before determining the house number. The applicant may have to visit the district office several times. At present, the situation of COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed and affected people’s ways of life. Therefore, the change of public service provision to be in line with the current situation is necessary and must be done rapidly.

Consequently, Lak Si District Office has implemented project on “online application for house number service”. This is one of the new special online services aimed at adding more service channels and facilitating the people. It helps reduce time and travel expenses as well as to minimize the risk of contracting COVID-19 and other communicable diseases which may occur in the future.

In order to use Lak Si District Office’s online application for house number service, the applicant just fills in online application on Lak Si District Office’s website, attaches supporting documents, and clicks to save information to confirm the service. Alert will be generated automatically by the system to Registration Section of the district office, the application will be electronically inspected by officer, and the applicant will be contacted within 24 hours via Line Application or the submitting email. Once the officer visited and surveyed the actual location and considered that there was nothing to be corrected or added, the officer will fix the date for the applicant to come to the district office to receive the house registration book and submit all original documents that were previously attached with the online application so that the officer can certify the documents. This considered the completing of the online application for house number service.  The applicant will have to visit the district office only once on the day of receiving house registration book.  

Anyone who wish to apply for online house number service can learn more about the service provision on Lak Si District Office’s website at by clicking on the menu: “online application for house number service” or ask for more information or steps of service at Registration Section which can be reached at telephone number 0 2982 2081-2, extension 7406-7.